Amvets Rolling to Remember


For 32 years, there has been a motorcycle demonstration ride on Memorial Day weekend in Washington, DC to raise awareness of the critical issues facing our nation’s veterans. Now called Rolling to Remember, this demonstration ride demands action for the 82,000 service members missing in action and the 22 veterans who die by suicide each day. Thousands of riders come to Washington DC to ride a demonstration route from The Pentagon to the National Mall. We’ve been lucky to work with AMVETs to bring this to life in both 2020 & 2021. We can’t wait to continue the tradition!




“Recognizing we needed a real expert in pulling off impossible things, we hired Josh Greene, cofounder of Throwing Star Collective, “event ninjas.” His professional experience was exactly what we needed but lacked until he joined the team. Out of the maybe 100 meetings we had, I never once heard Josh Greene say he didn’t know. Because he did know. His amazing level of preparedness, flexibility, patience, knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to making it all happen no matter what, was remarkable and vital.”
— Joe Chenelly, National Executive Director, AMVETs