Jake Blauvelt’s inaugural banked slalom race

More than 100 professionals and amateurs in the snowboard community gathered to compete in Jake Blauvelt’s inaugural banked slalom race at his home mountain resort, Bolton Valley, on February 1, 2020. Jake hails from Waterbury, VT and grew up participating in Bolton Valley’s afterschool program. He continues to thrive in his snowboarding career and wanted to give back to the community and sport that gave him so much. Blauvelt’s Banks was built in support of the Northeast snowboard community and used as a fundraiser for Protect Our Winters, in which $6,000 was raised and donated.




“Recognizing we needed a real expert in pulling off impossible things, we hired Josh Greene, cofounder of Throwing Star Collective, “event ninjas.” His professional experience was exactly what we needed but lacked until he joined the team. Out of the maybe 100 meetings we had, I never once heard Josh Greene say he didn’t know. Because he did know. His amazing level of preparedness, flexibility, patience, knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to making it all happen no matter what, was remarkable and vital.”
— Joe Chenelly, National Executive Director, AMVETs


Photo Credit: Peter Cirilli